PeerHash v0.015 Beta Release

PeerHash v0.015 Beta Release

PeerHash v0.015 has arrived with the download link shown below.

WARNING: Do not use PeerHash on any computer containing valuable information including Personal or Business computers or your computer containing your Cryptocurrency wallets.  PeerHash is a GUI that utilizes third party miners which may contain viruses, Trojans or malware. Use PeerHash at your own risk.

Release Details:

  • This release supports the Monero fork scheduled for April 6
  • Miner switched to XMRIG which supports mining throughout fork change
  • All PeerHash users must upgrade to v0.015 and download the new XMR CPU miner
  • Old versions will not be supported on Dwarf Pool
  • You can upgrade before the fork
  • Improved hash rates with XMRIG

Additional Notes:

  • We will be monitoring the Fork to ensure mining continues and will release another version if required
  • Please feedback any issues to the gMail support inbox

As always install at your own risk and read the mining best practice guide.

PeerHash Install Guide