Is PeerHash a cryptocurrency miner ?

No, PeerHash is a GUI for cryptocurrency miners.

Are cryptocurrency currency miners safe ?

Our experience shows many are OK to use however there is always a risk, that a malicious coder delivers an unwanted malware or viral payload.  That is why we recommend you run mining or non work or non critical PCs.  That is only run PeerHash and the third party miners on computers that can be corrupted without any loss to yourself apart from time to rebuild your machine. Many antivirus applications will scan and notify you that the third party miners contain viruses.  In order to mine you will need to exclude those miners from future scanning.  Proceed at your own risk.

Can you run PeerHash in a virtual machine ?

We have tested PeerHash in a Virtual Box container running Windows 10 64bit and 2 CPU allocation. As PeerHash uses CPU algorithms you can generate fractional Monero coin and a virtual machine is a great way to test PeerHash.

Is PeerHash for the IT amateur ?

The ideal end user is a computer literate person who is new to cryptocurrency mining and would like to experiment using a simple GUI to drive the command line arguments that many of the miners use.

Do I need my own Monero or BTC address ?

If you want to earn your own cryptocurrency then you need to enter your own coin addresses in the configuration screen.  If you want to just test PeerHash before you install a Monero wallet as an example, PeerHash will run with our donation address.

How do you earn money ?

PeerHash is provided at no cost so we rely on the following to earn cryptocurrency:

  • we also run the PeerHash app and participate in the daily hash lottery
  • if you like PeerHash you can donate CPU cycles by clicking on the donate button. This will mine using our coin address for approximately 5 minutes
  • we would appreciate coin donations to:
  1. Donate Monero (XMR) 48bqcbkDhjnJYDbsCbPFRq63iBGCWdgUMSqedmpdnknv3r4ra5uQ39o7g9r6wSX1BgG3BFw3HzEkQQghBw1LS6zTTbFrwWE
  2. Donate Bitcoin (BTC) 1BjmZ6HfVsig25aAEiBmfXsKdqceFuLahG

Do I need to keep PeerHash running ?

Yes, PeerHash is intended to be run and left running in order to automatically mine for your Monero address if you win the hash lottery or other fellow PeerHash nodes.  Using a similar philosophy to the miners on a blockchain, the more people having PeerHash running on their computer, the more hash power will be directed at your coin address if you win the hash lottery. If you are inactive, ie, your have not mined for more than 1 hour, you will become ineligible for the hash lottery draw.

How often does PeerHash run ?

PeerHash runs approximately 5 times per hour for approximately 10 minutes each time.  Between the hours of 12.01am and 6am PeerHash will run the miners for approximately 11 minutes each time.

The mining command line window is running for more than 10 minutes ?

If you feel there is a bug, please send a screen shot and description to the testing feedback gmail.  In the meantime, click on stop mining if you are mining Monero or if you are mining Bitcoin just click the ‘X’ in the top right to close the miner

CPU Mining

How many CPUs are used for mining ?

If you have more than 1 CPU PeerHash will allocate approximately (n/2) CPU threads for mining.  If you have 1 CPU core, 1 CPU core will be allocated to mining.

GPU Mining

Do you intend to support GPU miners ?

Yes definitely we will implement some of the GPU miners as soon as practicable.