Mining Best Practice

Here are some suggestions about mining and wallet security:

If you are not solo mining then:

  • Keep your wallets on a separate computer from your mining software.  A virtual machine for your wallets on the same computer as your miners still poses a risk.  If you get ransomware the virtual machine will also be encrypted.
  • Make a record of your Wallet private keys or seed phrases in another location in case your wallets become damaged
  • Backup your wallet files and/or keys
  • Create paper wallets as additional backups
  • Do not leave substantial amounts of cryptocurrency exchanges – many have been hacked, stolen from or gone out of business
  • Do not run mining software on computers that contain information or photos of value – most miners have been used without incident however several have contained viruses and malware
  • Be careful not to run miners at full capacity in the first instance as they may shorten the life of your CPUs and GPUs.  Monitor temperatures and % utilization when you are mining to avoid stressing your computer hardware