Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptographic mining for coins such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Litecoin has been very difficult for solo or individual miners.  These coins are of course very valuable, so what are the alternatives for an individual that wants to try crypto mining and earn a few dollars at the same time ?

Options are limited:

  1. Buy more powerful hardware such as GPUs (graphical processing units) or Video cards – that is expensive and takes a lot of time to recover the cost outlay.
  2. Join a mining pool combining your hashing power with other miners so you can find coin blocks more quickly and share the coin rewards.  The problem with this is that you fairly only get a share of the rewards depending on the hash power you contribute. So your earnings are still low however you at least get a share of coins compared to solo mining.
  3. Buy third party hash power and point it to your favorite pool however returns on investment can be marginal.

We want to bring crypto mining back into the hands of the individual and give you a chance at earning a bit extra with the help of others. PeerHash is a GUI tool that helps you download mining software and setup the command line parameters to to run the mining programs.

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The advantage of PeerHash is you automatically participate in the daily hash lottery and if you win, all other PeerHash nodes will be mining for you accelerating your mining profits. PeerHash is designed for 64bit Windows environments and has a small footprint and low overhead when running the CPU mining applications.

If you are mining Monero you cannot afford to not use PeerHash. Even a single win in the hash lottery will add significantly to your hashing rate.  A unique and fair way to increase crypto earnings using nothing more than your CPU power.

Quick Start Guide:

Get your Monero wallet and address here: Monero Wallets

Read the PeerHash FAQ

Read the install guide

Download and install PeerHash on your PC or in a Windows Virtual Machine

Start earning crypto coins !