PeerHash v0.014 Beta Release

PeerHash v0.014 Beta Release

PeerHash v0.014 has arrived with the download link shown below.

WARNING: Do not use PeerHash on any computer containing valuable information including Personal or Business computers or your computer containing your Cryptocurrency wallets.  PeerHash is a GUI that utilizes third party miners which may contain viruses, Trojans or malware. Use PeerHash at your own risk.

Release Details:

  • Speed optimization – hash timer rate is doubled in this version in order to compensate for increased mining difficulty
  • Miner optimization options: tweak XMR Stak config CPU options – Low Power, Prefetch & Affinity
  • Removed NiceHash BTC CPU mining due to high share acceptance threshold
  • Progress Bar when PeerHash lottery hashing is running
  • Code optimization

Tweaking the XMR STAK Config file:

  1. Start PeerHash and either click ‘Start Mining’ or wait for the PeerHash timer to activate the miner.
  2. Wait about 20 seconds and press the ‘h’ key on your keyboard – note the hash rate per second
  3. Try changing the LowPower and Prefetch selections and do the same thing noting the hash per second

Once you have determined the setting which gives you the highest hash rate and use that – settings are automatically saved. Generally ‘Affinity’ has contributed to the best hash rates in combination with ‘LowPower’ and ‘Prefetch’ combinations.

Click for VirusTotal Check

Note: 59 checks clean +
2 CoinMiner Warnings (archive does not contain any mining software so we assume no scan was actually done by these 2 virus scanners and relied on a lookup of some sort)

PeerHash Install Guide