PeerHash v0.012 Beta Release

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PeerHash v0.012 Beta Release [This Beta has been superseded by v0.013]

PeerHash v0.012 has arrived with the download link shown below.

WARNING: Do not use PeerHash on any computer containing valuable information including Personal or Business computers or your computer containing your Cryptocurrency wallets.  PeerHash is a GUI that utilizes third party miners which may contain viruses, Trojans or malware. Use PeerHash at your own risk.

Release Details:

  • Added ‘Logs’ button so you can view any server issues and how many times you win the hashing lottery
  • Added redundant lottery server with auto fail-over and auto fail-back
  • Aesthetic changes

Click for VirusTotal Check

Note: Kaspersky Detection states Not Virus – it is informing you PeerHash is a GUI for miners