Create a Passive Income Cryptocurrency Mining

Using PeerHash you can generate a steady passive income by installing PeerHash on laptops or computers that are always left on such as media or print servers.  You should never mine crypto on non dedicated computers such as your home PC or laptop.  There is always a risk that miners contain malware so it is important to mine on either a dedicated mining machine or a machine which doesn’t contain important information that you can tolerate if it crashes or gets infected with viruses.

These types of machines can be rebuilt very quickly.  With the change of Monero (XMR) proof of work algorithm recently to RandomX mining has come back within reach of CPU mining.  RandomX is CPU friendly and you can mine with just a CPU.  PeerHash also provides you with a distributed hashing function which means other PeerHash nodes will mine for you on a random and equitable basis.

Start generating passive crypto income today with PeerHash.

Installation Instructions: