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*** Peerhash.exe v0.01x beta Minimum Requirements ***

— 64bit architecture
— Tested on Intel based CPUs – PeerHash may work on AMD CPUs
— Tested on Windows 10 operating system
— Working internet connection
— Ability to install, configure and setup Windows applications

*** Disclaimer and Risk Statement ***

PeerHash is beta software.

PeerHash uses third party mining software of which it has no control and provides no guarantee as to the adequacy or fit for purpose by these third party products.

Cryptocurrency mining carries significant risk and there is the potential to lose all your cryptographic earnings.

PeerHash has no association with mining pools such as Nicehash and Dwarfpool and as such cannot guarantee their financial activities, governance and business activities.

Cryptocurrencies are generally not regulated by any governments, public or private organizations and in the event of financial loss of cryptocurrency there is limited recourse to recover those lost cryptocurrency.

If you are not comfortable and not accepting of these risks please delete the PeerHash directory you have created and do not use PeerHash.

*** Install Instructions ***

0. Read the *** Disclaimer and Risk Statement *** first (see above)
1. Create a new directory and extract the PeerHash.exe into that directory
2. Ensure your internet connection is working
3. Launch PeerHash.exe
4. Enter your Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) addresses by clicking the ‘Config’ button
5. Download the CPU miners and if you have a zip window remaining open after download simply click ‘X’ to close the window
6. Beat should now show ‘1 min(s)’ and the miner will auto start and mine for approximately 5 minutes. At this point your Monero address will be entered into the daily hash lottery. If PeerHash does not launch in a few minutes try exiting PeerHash and relaunch the application.

PeerHash will run approximately 3 times per hour. If you win the hash lottery, fellow PeerHash users will have their Peerhash programs hashing/mining for your Monero or Bitcoin address.

*** Troubleshooting ***

– Is your computer running a 64 bit Windows operating system ?
– Have you entered a Monero and/or Bitcoin address ?
– Have you downloaded the CPU miners ? Look for a directory called –Miners–>CPU and do you see 2 additional directories containing the CPU miners ?
– Do you have AntiVirus or Antimalware running which has blocked access to the CPU miner software ? Check that the CPU mining directories still contain EXE files.
– Is your internet connection working ?
– I’m getting an error msvcp140.dll is missing ? Download the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 here and install it. Try PeerHash again.

*** Known Issues ***
– CPU Bitcoin mining with Nicehash pool is rarely accepting hashes so focus on Monero mining until an alternate pool is used or GPU mining introduced for Bitcoin mining.

$$$ How will I get Paid ? $$$

The current Monero pool being used is Dwarfpool. Dwarfpool will handle payments for your Monero address with a minimum payment threshold set by Dwarfpool. does not handle any cryptocurrency payments and only provides a cryptocurrency GUI interface to run third party miners.

Once you earn at least 1 XMR and receive payment in your wallet you can transfer that Monero to an exchange and convert it to Bitcoin if you wish or sell your Monero for Fiat currency.

Note well: You MUST have your own Monero wallet installed on Windows. You can get your address in the Monero Wallet which you can enter in the PeerHash configuration screen. Exchange wallet addresses will not work. Ensure you have at least 200 Gigabytes of free space on the computer before you install the Monero wallet.

*** Bugs ***

If you find what you believe is a bug please send your feedback with screenshots to testingfeedback @ with relevant screenshots if applicable.

*** FAQ ***

Read the frequently asked questions here:

*** Donations ***

If you wish to donate to the PeerHash project to support future enhancements please use the following BTC or XMR addresses:

XMR (Monero):

BTC (Bitcoin):

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